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5 Most Common Mistakes Students make in Entry Test

Most Common Mistakes Students make in Entry Test

Entry Test is the most important and deciding part for the student’s future either it is ECAT or MDCAT because ECAT score decides in which University and which Engineering Technology you are going to get admission. And in the case of medical students, MDCAT result decides in which government Medical College you are going for MBBS for the next 5 years of your life. Thus you can’t ignore the importance of Entry Test Result. Here we have listed few os the mistakes students make in entry test.

 http://utf.com.pk/news/common-mistakes-…st-solution-tips/ ‎Here are the few common mistakes that students make in Entry Test Every Year deliberately or unintentionally:

1. Time Management:

Time is  most important asset a student have during the Entry Test either its 2 or 3 hours, you have time to shape your future.  In ECAT and MDCAT you have one minute of time for every MCQ, this is enough time to make your decision for an MCQ.

Every Year we hear that a lot of number of students could not perform in the entry test due to Time Management despite of good preparations.

Solution Tip:

You need maximum practice of mock tests. Every Student must have to carry his/her own watch to manage time properly.


2. Pressure Handling:

Most of the students specially Female Students take pressure before appearing test, This happen because of over thinking for the random situations like who would the test look like ? Am I going to pass today or not? The test would be easy or not? What will happen if didn’t pass the test today?

These questions create pressure over the students and weakens his/her decision making power during the Test.

Solution Tip:

Stay Calm, Have a good sleep a day before the Test.

http://utf.com.pk/admissions/mcat/common-mistakes-…st-solution-tips/ ‎

3. Improper Filling of Bubbles:

There are lot of students who do not get reward of their efforts and preparations because of improper filling of bubbles on the answer sheet. As we all know all the sheets are marked by the computer machines, if a bubble is not filled correctly then it will appear blank to the machine and the software will not award you the marks despite of your correct answer.

Solution Tip:

Fill the marks completely, and Prefer Black Ball Pen. And do not use marker at all.


4. Sequence of MCQs:

Always fill the right bubble according to sequence, Every time when you are filling a bubble check your sequence, Question Number, the Bubble’s Number and Option at the Answer Sheet. This will only take 2 seconds to verify each MCQ when you are filling the bubbles.

Let me tell you the real story of my friend, He used to be a good and hardworking student, His preparations for the Entry Test were very good and he was very confident for the Entry Test. During Test he marked his first 3 MCQs correct, and left 4th one with the intention to fill it latter. But this turned out to be the biggest mistake of him, as he marked the answer of 5th MCQ at the place of 4th. This disturbed his whole sequence and he keeps on filling bubbles with this new sequence. He said he came to know for his mistake when he was solving his 90th MCQ.  This single Mistake of cost one Year of his life.

Solution Tip:

Always Verify the MCQ Number and Bubble Number before filling any bubble on the answer sheet, this will take only 2 second of yours.

5. Psychological Reaction:

Do not react when you are attempting Entry level Test, There could be two possible reason of the reaction either the paper is difficult or the paper is Easy,

1) If you find the Test Difficult do not react and impose the reaction on yourself as this will bring you under pressure, Stay Calm and start attempting the better prepared questions for the first.

2) If you find the test Easy, do not get over excited because this over excitation state will lead you to a situation where you start making common mistakes which will cost you more than you think.

Solution Tip:

Stay Calm and Relax, and always carry a water bottle with you.


And One More Thing:

Keep you answer sheet safe from your sweat, and For This purpose always carry a handkerchief with you.


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