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MCAT should be Repeat or Not To Repeat | Must Read for Every Medical Student

MCAT should be Repeat or Not To Repeat | Must Read for Every Medical Student

Every time when the 1st merit list is out and most students already have a clear idea about whether they would make it to the medical college or not? The road to a good medical college in Pakistan is cluttered up with difficulties and hurdles, with the MCAT frequently being the most challenging of all. Unfortunately even after 3 whole months of hard work, anxiety and stress some students cannot reach their goal score From social media to friendly gatherings the most frequently asked question these days is ‘should I repeat the MCAT or not?’ Before you make any decision, there are a few things not to be missed.. Ask yourself the following questions before deciding anything.

MCAT should be Repeat or Not To Repeat | Must Read for Every MCAT Student

1 What was your test day like? : just like a bad hair day there could be a bad brain day. For some the MCAT day would have been great while for others it would have been anything but nice and pleasant. You have to manage so much pressure, anxiety and fear that your mind can easily go out of function and an unfortunate panic attack can strike. But trust me that’s just fine because these attacks are actually quite common. What you have to consider is: was it just the anxiety that did not let you perform properly? If the answer goes in the positive sense, you sure should go for a gap year and take MCAT again.

2 Did your score accurately reflect your ability? Out of the students who take MCAT each year, most are the bright students with a good reputation in their family and academic life. The failed MCAT exam is usually a big shock for them which results in a sense of desperation and distress. But ask yourself, Can a single exam nullify all the happy and successful moments you have had throughout the years in your academic and social life? The answer is definitely a big NO… There could be countless reasons behind your bad exam performance. If you had been performing decently in the practice tests but the MCAT day was a mess for you then your score doesn’t match your ability. Try to figure out why you could not give your best on the test day. Once you do this you are good to go for the exam once again.

3 Do you have a considerable score in Fsc? Fsc has a heavy percentage of 40 in the aggregate, therefore this is something important enough to be considered before taking any step. Now bitter the truth might be, but, you cannot really get into a good medical college without a reasonable Fsc score, if you wanna repeat MCAT its better to repeat some subjects u scored less in too. This would definitely increase your chances to get a seat.

MCAT should be Repeat or Not To Repeat | Must Read for Every MCAT Student

4 Are you strong enough to stick with it? Once you get the answer to the above to questions its time for the most important thing i.e. can you stay determined and motivated throughout the year? Gap Year is the time that can make you stand or fall . You can use this time to make or break yourself. This time is not only crucial for your academic betterment but also for your mental stamina building. Taking a gap year is not as bad as most people think it is. It has its own benefits, some of them are as follows:

  1. Increase Self Resilience
  2. Prevention of academic burnout
  3. Career Interest Exploration
  4.  Gain Perspective and Appreciation
  5. worldliness
  6. Maturation
  7. Develop New Skills
  8. Challenge the Comfort Zone
  9. Increased EQ
  10. You can do Better this time for sure

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Once you have decided, stick with your decision and don’t let anyone make you think otherwise Here are some important points to consider after making this critical decision;

Give yourself proper time to heal , don’t go in a rush, don’t start studying the next day. Take a break to think. Console yourself. Take a few steps back to come back with double the energy. Go to your khala’s or phupho’s place or somewhere you like (if you have better choices :-P)

Cut off the haters… don’t pay attention to the taunts and other bad stuff people say…u will have to face the criticism, take it like a pro with sportsmanship. After all this is Pakistan and we should make ourselves comfortable with such desi problems 😛

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Start studying when you have coped up with the frustration of repeating, you have a good plan and you are calm and patient about the whole idea. If you find it too difficult to recover and return to normal life consider seeking help from an expert. Get yourself surrounded by positive people. Stay away from all kinds of negative energies. Try to build as much confidence as you can. Just like you need physical exercise to build nice big muscles, you need mental exercise to build mental stamina. This mental stamina would help you through the exam as you definitely have heard about the overrated line i.e. “it’s nothing but a game of nerves” ( trust me I used to hate this sentence as much as you do). And remember you are strong, you can get through the thing because time doesn’t stop bura waqt bhi guzar jata hai.

Don’t go too fast start revising slowly when you have balanced your emotions but remember you don’t have to rush your preparation. It’s the quality not the quantity that matters here. You have a year this time….if you are like me and you find it too difficult to even look at the old MCAT books just don’t start studying. Instead do short listing.

Go for the Pre-MCAT session these early sessions are a blessing for repeaters… if you actually work hard you can revise your syllabus up to three times even before the fresh kids know what MCAT is.


MCAT should be Repeat or Not To Repeat | Must Read for Every MCAT Student


Stay motivated Don’t lose your motivation. Keep the quotes u like in front of you 24.7. Occasionally talk to positive friends who fill you up with hope. Watch motivational lectures and videos on YouTube but don’t stop at any point during the time. Inhale confidence and exhale all the doubts you have.

Find an MCAT Buddy Find someone u can discuss your issues and problems regarding MCAT with. Share your feelings with each other and help each other. Discuss anything that is difficult (it makes things ten times easier). Remember you don’t have to miss anything this time. Get help from your buddies and try to help them too.

Always Keep a plan B one of most common reasons of anxiousness during MCAT is that you don’t have another option in your mind, which ultimately leads to the fear of ending up doing nothing and wasting another year. Its better to have a plan B than to be paranoid all of the time. Having a plan B would also let you focus in a better way as your brain would be free of the negative thoughts about the consequences.

Balance yourself emotionally never ever make yourself emotionally dependant on this small test. The more you would think about it, the more terrifying it would become for you. Have faith in fate and remember that sometimes you cannot get things no matter how much you try because they are just not meant for you. God might not have created you to be just a doctor with a basic job and a mediocre salary; maybe he made you to be the president of a country or a famous scientist or something even more awesome.

Keep praying not only for yourself but for your friends too Put your all energies together to crack the MCAT Exam and write your own success Story.

MCAT should be Repeat or Not To Repeat | Must Read for Every MCAT Student




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