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Structure for UHS MCAT Syllabus 2017 – New MCAT Syllabus 2017

Structure for UHS MCAT Syllabus 2017 – New MCAT Syllabus 2017


University of Health Sciences (UHS) lahore is a Prestigious and a Famous Medical Institutie of Pakistan that produce number of quality Doctors each year. Its a dream institutie for every medical student to get enroll in it and to become a doctor from here to serve the nation. Moreover UHS is at no. 1 Position whoes doctors serve in other foreign countries in the field of MEDICAL and Research and Development for the medical field. University of Health Sciences Lahore Conduct MEDICAL COLLEGE ADMISSION TEST famous as a MCAT EXAM for the Medical students of Punjab, every year more than 50k students appear in MCAT EXAMS. So even a minor change in the policy of MCAT Exam affects the very large number of students. University of Health Sciences announced the New Syllabus for MCAT 2017 EXAMS.

UHS MCAT Syllabus 2017 - New MCAT Syllabus 2017

Overview for the NEW MCAT Syllabus 2017 is as follows:


There were 695 words before for the Medical students for the MCAT Exam. Now there is an increase of words for the English portion for the and the new MCAT syllabus consists of 843 words.

old words: 695

Dropped Words: 83

old worlds in 2017: 612

words Added : 231

Grand Total: 843


There are 16 total chapters now for the Physics Portion, the introduced chapters are:

  • The First chapter ERRORS is included
  • Oscillations
  • Electrostatic
  • Work power Energy
  • DOSE chapter (Removed from the Syllabus for the MCAT Exam 2017)
  • Fission and Fusion (Added in the new MCAT Syllabus 2017)


  • Transport (Some Changes)
  • Genetic Portion
  • Cell Cycle (FULL Chapter Included)

There are lot of students who are tensed about the new update in the MCAT Syllabus 2017 by the UHS Administration, as most of the students are thinking that UHS just increased the syllabus for the MCAT 2017 Exams juts to lower the Merit and Compitition due the low number of medical College Seats and High Compitition among the students for the Medical Colleges. Well this is not true, Still you can ace the Exam easily but you just have to give the complete and focused input towards your goal and you can make it easily, Here are some tips for you people for the Preparation of MCAT Exam 2017:


Tips for the Preparation of MCAT 2017 Exams | MCAT 2017 Result

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  1. What will be the admission policy of PMDC/UHS this year for private colleges.Is it confirmed that UHS will make the merit list this year or still some court discussion is going on.please update.

    • Mostly chances are that UHS will make merit list and decide the merit list of Private Medical colleges unless private merit colleges don’t hide behind the stay order from court.

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