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Application Procedure of UHS, Complete Guide

University of Health Sciences Lahore Application Procedure 2016, A Complete Guide

As soon as the official result of the Entrance Test is declared, a link would appear on the home page of the UHS University website . The candidate should enter his/her Entrance Test roll number to access the result information page. This page contains a print option to get paper prints of result card. These computer generated result cards do not need official signatures. The university shall not dispatch formal result cards to the candidates.
Entrance Test scores are valid for one year only. This means that candidates shall have to pass the test of the year in which they are applying for the UHS Application procedure 2016.

Step by Step Procedure to Apply in Medical Colleges 2017

There is NO restriction whatsoever on the number of times a candidate may appear in the Entrance Test except for those who have been debarred from appearing in the test on resorting to any unfair /fraudulent means or cunning stratagem of impersonation.

Omplete Procedure to for Medical Colleges in Punjab
The admission process will start in last week of September or 1st week of October. All those candidates having domicile of Punjab or Islamabad (ICT) who have scored 82 percent or above aggregate marks (excluding Hifz-e-Quran marks) shall be eligible to apply for admission on Open Merit basis in Public Sector Medical / Dental Colleges of Punjab.

The aggregate percentage shall be calculated in accordance with the regulations of Pakistan Medial & Dental Council, rounded up to four decimal points, by giving following weight-age to the marks obtained by a candidate:

Aggregate Calculation for UHS Admission Procedure 2016:

Matriculation or equivalent –– 10%
HSSC / FSc or equivalent –– 40%
UHS Entrance Test 2014 –– 50%

The aforementioned condition of 82% aggregate is not applicable to candidates seeking admission against any category of reserved seats (Disabled Students, Under-Developed Districts, Cholistan and Children of Overseas Pakistanis/Dual Nationality Holders) who can apply if they fulfill basic eligibility criteria as laid down in the Prospectus and also available on UHS website.

Further Procedure for Selected Candidates in UHS Lists

Reciprocal Seats Information :

There are 14 seats available on Reciprocal basis for Punjab domiciled candidates in the medical colleges of Baluchistan, KPK and Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK). Candidates applying against open merit seats can exercise their option for these seats as well. No separate application will be invited for these seats.
The candidates can apply for admission against more than one category of seats if he/she fulfills the eligibility requirements. In such case, he/she will have to tick the relevant categories on the admission form and attach the required documents.

The Prospectus and Admission Form will be available, free of cost, at University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore, Rawalpindi Medical College Rawalpindi and Nishtar Medical College Multan, as per given schedule. The candidates will have to provide the attested copies of their SSC, FSc (or equivalent) result cards and domicile certificate to get the Prospectus and Admission Form. No call letters will be issued to the eligible candidates for submission of admission forms.
Duly filled Admission Form, complete in all respect, can be submitted, only by hand, at the same center from where the Prospectus was received from 3rd October to 15th October, 2016.’

UHS Medical Colleges Expected Closing Merit for 2016

UHS Application Procedure 2016 – Medical Colleges Preference:

Candidates will give their preference for medical and dental colleges in one single Admission Form which once given shall be final and cannot be changed subsequently. When filling out the application, every applicant has to rank the medical and dental colleges in order of preference, starting with his/her first choice. In other words, all eligible candidates are allowed to list up the full names of medical and dental colleges in the order that they would like to be considered for admission.

The order of preferences once given shall be final and cannot be changed subsequently. This condition is mandatory and neither any subsequent change is entertain-able nor any exceptions will be made. Starting with the first preference, applicants will be assessed and ranked according to the merit for each college. A computerized matching process will allocate applicants meeting the minimum merit requirements a place to the highest listed preference for which they are eligible.

Once offered a place to the highest listed preference, an applicant cannot demand admission to a college named lower in his/her referred list. An applicant, under no circumstances, shall be considered for a college, he/she has not named in his/her order of preferences. The Admitting Authority shall not assign a college by itself if the alternate choices are not indicated.

Applicants are advised not to name their preferred college repeatedly in every space on the Admission Form. Similarly, it is also pointless to name only one college. In either case, the applicant will receive a single place on the list for that college and it will not increase the chances of his/her being allocated a seat in that particular college.

Only those candidates applying for admission against Open Merit seats can opt for all the public sector medical/dental colleges of the Punjab. Those applying for admission against any category of reserved seats only (and not for Open Merit seats) can opt for only those colleges where these reserved seats are available.

There is no need to submit separate admission forms for MBBS and BDS programe’s. A candidate can submit only one admission form. In case, he/she submits more than one form, the form(s) submitted subsequently will be rejected.

Hafiz-e-Quran Test Information:

Incomplete or unsigned Admission Forms will be rejected. Applications / Forms received through post shall not be entertained. No Application / Form shall be entertained after due date for submission.
Muslim Hafiz-e-Quran will be awarded 20 additional marks which will be added to his/her HSSC score, provided that he/she passes the Hifiz-e-Quran Test conducted by the University. All the claimants who have an aggregate score of 82% or above marks, will have to get themselves registered for the test at the University as per given schedule. They must bring the original and attested copies of their Matriculation, FSc / HSSC result cards, Hifz-e-Quran Certificate issued by a registered madrassa, and a color photograph (size 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm) at the time of registration and Hifiz-e-Quran Test.
The Committee will conduct a structured test of the candidates who claim to be Huffaz-e-Quran. Hundred percent (100%) proficiency in Hifz is required at the time of test by the candidate to attract the benefit of twenty (20) marks.

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Forms to attach for UHS Application Procedure 2016 :

Candidates must attach the following documents with the Admission Form. Except otherwise mentioned, the documents attached with the Admission Form must be attested by a Government Officer in BS 17 or above. The stamp of the officer must bear his / her full designation and current place of duty:

1. Three (03) attested copies of Matriculation (SSC) Certificate or result card issued by a Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan. Computer generated result cards will not be acceptable. Candidate having foreign qualifications (O-Level, 10th Grade and equivalent) must provide the attested copies of Equivalence Certificate issued by IBCC. A valid Interim or Provisional equivalence certificate issued by IBCC will also be acceptable for the UHS Application Procedure 2016.

2. Three (03) attested copies of HSSC Pre-Medical result card issued by a Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan. Candidates having foreign qualifications (e.g. A-Level, 12th Grade and equivalent) must provide the attested copies of Equivalence Certificate issued by IBCC. Valid Interim or Provisional certificate by IBCC will also be acceptable.

3. Three (03) copies each of computer generated result cards of Entrance Test/SAT II/MCAT ® scores (Not to be attested).

4. Three (03) attested copies of Domicile Certificate of the candidate (In case of Children of Overseas Pakistanis/Dual Nationality Holders category only, domicile of Father/Mother shall also be acceptable). No other certificate or document (e.g. Birth Certificate, B-Form, CNIC etc.) is acceptable in lieu of Domicile Certificate of the candidate. Any candidate found to have domicile of more than one place shall be disqualified from UHS Application Procedure 2016.

5. Three (03) attested copies of CNIC of Father / Mother. Overseas Pakistanis/Dual Nationality Holders may provide attested copies of their Pakistani Passport/ NIC/ NICOP/ POC or any other official document providing their Pakistani nationality for UHS Application Procedure 2016.

6. Four (04) recent photographs. One to be pasted on the Admission Form and to be attested on the front, and other three, attested on the back, to be attached with the form. Your photograph must be: Colour; Passport size (4.5 cm high x 3.5 cm wide); Taken against a light blue background.

7. Original Fitness Certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner / Government Medical Officer.

8. Original Affidavit on Rs.20/- stamp paper as per specimen given as Annexure-I of the Prospectus.

Download the Annexure-I (Stamp Paper) Here:

9. Candidates claiming to be Muslim Huffaz-e-Quran shall attach three (03) attested copies of Hifz-e-Quran Certificate issued by a registered Madrassa.

10. Candidates claiming to be disabled students shall attach the copy of a Certificate issued by a specialist working in a Government Hospital describing the nature of disability.

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11. Candidates seeking admission against seats reserved for Under-Developed Districts shall attach Original Certificates from the Heads / Principals of the concerned educational institutions where they have studied from class one to twelve. These certificates must be dully verified by concerned EDO (Education) and DEO (Colleges) and countersigned by the DCO of relevant district. These candidates will also submit a Surety Bond on Rs.20/-stamp paper as per specimen given as Annexure-II of the Prospectus.

12. Candidates seeking admission against the seat reserved for Cholistan shall have to provide a certificate issued by Cholistan Development Authority clearly stating that the candidate is a Cholistani by birth and has actual residence in Cholistan.

13. Overseas Pakistanis shall submit three (03) attested copies of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) Membership Card (Not mandatory for dual nationality holders) of the candidate and/or his/her parents (real father and/or mother).

14. Overseas Pakistanis (Not Dual Nationality Holders) shall submit duly filled certificate given as Annexure IV of the Prospectus, issued by the concerned Embassy of Pakistan.

15. Three (03) attested copies of current Pakistani passport of Overseas Pakistanis OR valid foreign passport of Dual Nationality Holders of Pakistani origin.

16. Three (03) attested copies of Birth Certificate of the candidate (Only for candidates applying against reserved seats for Children of Overseas Pakistanis/Dual Nationality Holders).

UHS Application Procedure 2016 Up-gradation of Lists:

The candidate getting selected in one round will be considered for betterment/up-gradation in the subsequent round. The betterment/up-gradation herein means the higher preference exercised by the candidate. The shift in such up-gradation shall be compulsory and mandatory and no exception, whatsoever, will be taken under any circumstances. There shall be two or more rounds of selection of candidates depending on the availability of vacant seats. For second or subsequent round no separate form will be filled by the candidates. The choices of colleges, once entered in the form by the candidate, shall be final and irrevocable.

This final data shall be used in entire selection process for the admission to first year MBBS/BDS for the current academic year.

Request for mutual transfer or status retention or down-gradation is not permissible under any circumstances. Such requests will not be entertained.

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Domicile is a mandatory document for admission. No other document (e.g., Birth Certificate, B-Form, etc.) shall be acceptable in lieu of the domicile certificate of the candidate for UHS Admission Procedure 2016. Any candidate found to have domicile of more than one place shall be disqualified.

Any candidate found to have submitted forged certificates or fake documents at any stage of admission shall be debarred from admission to any medical/dental college for a period of 7 years.
After the last date of submission of Admission Forms, no revised result card or increase in marks will be acceptable.

Candidates having foreign qualifications such as A/O Level etc., shall have to provide the Equivalence Certificate issued by IBCC at the time of submission of Admission Forms.
Candidates are advised to study the Information Booklet/Prospectus before filling the Application Form or Admission Form respectively for UHS Application Procedure 2016 .

Foreign Nationals, candidates of Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, FATA and Gilgit-Baltistan should contact their respective Ministries/Nominating Agencies/Admission Boards for admission against seats reserved for them in public sector medical and dental colleges of the Punjab.

So it was All about for the UHS Application Procedure 2016, Share it with your Friends and Fellows if you find it Informative and  Helpful.

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