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Tips and Tricks to Score High in Exam for Students

 Tips and Tricks to Score High in Board Exams for the Students

Following are the tips to attempt MCAT/ECAT/CSS or any kind of competitive Exam effectively and efficiently. Tips and Tricks to Score High in Exam

Tips and Tricks to Score High in Exam


Things to Do while Preparing for the Exam:


Preparation time is one of the most exclusive time for a student, The Student use to think in multi dimensions while preparing a single topic. If you are preparing for any government or Private government or College you have to focus on a single Thing, and that is ‘TEXT BOOK’ as someone has rightly said:


Text Book is the Best Book

In a phase of Preparing for an Exam, there are two other things than a Books and Syllabus that play a vital role in Performance and Efficiency and to avoid any kind of stress and anxiety during the Exam, and Both these things can help you overcome this anxiety.

  1. A good and maintained Sleep

  2. Quality and on Time Food

Tips and Tricks to Score High in Exam

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Things to do while you are in Exam Center:


Here are the few things you have to remember if you are going for Exam Center/ in the way or In exam center !!


  • keep Your calculator and Stationary ready before the night of Exam
  • First of All, Keep Calm during the Exam and try to overcome your Fear.
  •  Take a deep breath, get yourself relaxed.
  •  Don’t over react if you find Paper difficult, just stay positive and start attempting the better prepared questions for first.
  •  Read your paper carefully and try to attempt questions that you are good/fully sure at. Attempt better prepared questions first and less prepared at the end.
  •  Keep your Water bottle with you during the test and place it under your chair.
  •  Keep the (carbon paper) answer sheet safe from your sweat and to do that keep 1-2 handkerchiefs with you.
  •  Your eyes should be fixed on the printed page, and your only objective should be to accomplish your task efficiently, with speed and accuracy.

Tips and Tricks to Score High in Exam

  •  Do not become impatient or discouraged if you cannot start at once effectively – most of us need a little warm up period for our concentration to reach peak level.
  •  Be interested in yourself (not your surroundings and fellow buddies) Self-interest leads motivation to concentrate; remember, you are working for yourself and your future.
  •  After you have finished your paper, read it again and again. On every reading you will definitely find mistakes of course as you are not a robot.
  • Do not fill the bubbles blindly, Fill them properly so that you can’t even lose a score for your mistake.
  • Fill the bubble sheets carefully according to the given instructions.
  • Try to Attempt all the questions in series.

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Check List for the Exams:

Here is the check list for you people if you are going to appear in any Exam. This Check list will help you remember the necessary and important things you have to carry while going for an Exam.

  •  Stationary : Extra Stationary items are Preferred like ball Pens and Card Board.
  • Water Bottle :  One Water Bottle is enough.
  • Calculator :  Calculator is must, and make sure it is working Properly
  • Wrist Watch : This will help you how fast or slow you have to write
  • Tissue Papers : Tissue Papers and Handkerchief is must to carry with you


If you are Carrying these things with you, you are Smarter than the 50% of other students. and YES YOU ARE SMART !!!

Tips and Tricks to Score High in Exam

Tips and Tricks to Score High in Exam Tips and Tricks to Score High in Exam Tips and Tricks to Score High in Exam

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