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Guess Paper Biology 1st Year Exams

Guess Paper Biology 1st Year Exams ~ Part 01 FSc 2017 Exams 


Biology Guess papers 2017 1st year Biology

Chapter # 1

Biology in the services mankind

i) health,

ii) food,

iii) environment,

iv) Biological method


Chapter # 2



iii) level proteins.


Chapter # 3

Factor affecting the rate of reaction (with related topics)


Chapter # 4

membrane. Golgi apparatus, cytoskeletion, lysosomes, mitochondrin, plastids


Chapter # 5

TWO Five kingdom system.

life cycle phage virus.aids

Chapter # 6

Structure of bacterial cells Nutritions bact


Chapter # 8

Nutrition Reproduction,


Importance of fungi.


Chapter # 9


Evolution seed & leaf life cycle adiantum,

angiosperms, imp rosaea, solanaceae,


Chapter # 10

Protostomes & deuterostomes,

Parasitic adaptation Platyhelminthes Mollusca.

Chordate characters.


Chapter # 11


Dar reaction kreb cycle,



Chapter # 12

Nutrition insectivorous plants.

Stomach absorption food


Chapter # 14

Ascent sap,


l ymphatic system,


comparison open&close system


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