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Rightjobs.pk – one of the best platforms for providing career opportunities

Rightjobs.pk – one of the best platforms for providing career opportunities


Rightjobs.pk – one of the best platforms for providing career opportunities

Unemployment in Pakistan is a major issue these days. There are thousands of graduates who are skilled enough, but are still jobless, due to the increasing competition in market and lesser availability of vacancies in different companies. There are numerous steps that are being taken to minimize this imbalance between recruiters and the employees.
In the world of online technology, there are numerous Pakistani jobs portals that are working for connecting people with employers, but the difference is not minimized to a satisfactory level. There are some big names in this regard including Rozee.pk and other upstarts.
With 3 regional offices in Pakistan (Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad), Rightjobs.pk has emerged as an online jobs portal that helps in providing thousands of different career opportunities to the fresher, undergraduates and graduates, to minimize unemployment in Pakistan and become a source of earning for many people, minimizing the difference between recruiters and employees, and making them come closer and work together in a professional manner and under an encouraging environment.
Rightjobs.pk, launched in 2014, is an online Pakistani jobs portal that is focused towards connecting different Pakistani companies and job seekers. It was launched by Cube Discipline, which is an Islamabad-based software house. In a span of only 2 years, it has been approached by 12,000 registered employers (companies) and 2.5 million professionals for finding and seeking job purpose.
It dominates in the manner that it has set of personalized features that its competitors haven’t integrated yet. More than 1 million resumes up till now have been uploaded by various professionals in order to get employed at Rightjobs.pk, from all over Pakistan, therefore it has captured much attention of the job seekers and dominates over its competitors. According to its claims, its personalized service cuts down on the time taken for shortlisting candidates for the advertised job positions.
The clear evidence of its increasing popularity is up to 40,000 daily visitors and 120,000 daily views on RightJobs.pk, which gives us a clear idea about increasing trend and demand of localized online job portals in Pakistan for the job seekers.
How it works
The hiring process is no more hectic, as Rightjobs.pk has made it way easier than before!
There is a team of highly skilled professionals along with its development and infrastructure team which is working 24/7 to provide high quality solutions to its customers. In order to assure customer satisfaction, best technology is used. Remarkable user experience connects recruiters to the employees and creates a friendly environment among them. Already the team has prepared its further development plan for the next two years.
Preparedness for future and precautionary measures are the strategies that distinguish Rightjobs.pk from other competitors. Moreover, a collection of material and numerous virtual tools are used that help in increasing the server power and storage components in order to assure the bond between job seekers and employers with reference of Rightjobs.pk.
In order to provide the best and appropriate connection between recruiters and job seekers, the dedicated team of Right Jobs works on various knowledge management tools and network administration systems.
For the development and infrastructure works on the database, there is a team of highly qualified professionals to ensure the integrity of data. Their mechanism of working is that, top recruiters place their latest job vacancies of their companies for job seekers and define their criteria and requirements related to the relevant post, for which job seekers can send their online resumes if they find their skills matching to the requirements mentioned in the job vacancy post of that particular company. Not only for job seekers, but Rightjobs.pk also provides a wide opportunity for employers to screen the desired talent from the data base of Right Jobs’ which contains over one million professional resumes.
Strategy used
There comes time when companies need the world to know about some urgent vacancy for a particular posts opened up in their organizations. Traditional media outlets are slow and end up in wastage of time while advertising for a position, and also result in loss of money.
Whereas, Rightjobs.pk has two-tiers for companies who want to highlight their jobs and want the people to know about particular openings for jobs in their organizations. These two-tiers include top and center – Featured and Platinum Listing.
Featured Listing:
In this regard, Rightjobs.pk helps by featuring higher priority-based job alerts on its main page, in order to have maximum visitors and in order to let the visitors know about them. These job listings feature social media integration with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This increases chances for the job alerts to go viral and visible for maximum number of times. Moreover, the Featured tier is valid for 5 days for job listings
Not only this, the featured jobs also can avail keywords matching, data filter and unlimited registration by the job applicants. The applicants are responded on regular and timely basis as well.
Platinum Listing:
Platinum Listing is featured for those companies who want to outsource the interview and human resource component of the hiring process to the deserving professionals. It also gives companies one month worth of being featured on the main page. The Platinum tier includes Phone interviews as well as access to deserving and dedicated recruitment professionals that can result in a 70% successful interview turn-up ratio. RightJobs.pk promises 7-10 working days for successfully short-listing candidates under this model.
There are some jobs where nothing can be left to chance. In this regard, Rightjobs.pk offers head-hunting services that help in finding the best and guaranteed resource for your company.

How Rightjobs.pk deals the short-listing process

The candidates are short-listed after matching their skills for a particular job listing in two phases. In the first phase, the company Rightjobs.pk considers candidate’s personal work and moves on to a pro-active search. Finally, it streamlines the right person through the database search. In the second phase, the candidate is contacted by the recruiter through telephone.

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