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National Outreach Program(NOP) Application Procedure at LUMS

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LUMS, a university in Pakistan located in Lahore, launched its National Outreach Program (NOP) in 2011 to extend the benefits of world-class education to students all over Pakistan and thereby become a truly national university.


Eligibility Criteria for NOP:

  • Eligibility criteria for the NOP are at least 80% marks in Matriculation exams and financial need. The applicants shortlisted on the above criteria appear in the Preliminary Evaluation Test. After being selected on the basis of this test the students are coached. Then, the students are shortlisted on the bases of their performance in the quizzes and tests taken during this coaching session, and registered for the entrance test, fully funded by LUMS.
  • Financial Need
National Outreach Program(NOP) Application Procedure at LUMS
NOP Eligibility Criteria

Application Process for National Outreach Program (NOP ):

Students apply to the NOP after clearing their Matriculation exam. Application is normally at least two years ahead of the undergraduate program start date — students applying in 2016 will be able to join the program  in 2017. Hence, the students of Intermediate parts I and II are eligible to apply.


Steps to apply for NOP:

Complete Information for the Application Procedure of LUMS is given below:

National Outreach Program(NOP) Application Procedure at LUMS
Step-by-step Information for LUMS Admission

Step 1 :

Application Process:

Apply to NOP while you are in First Year of Intermediate (F.sc) or A-levels. Students attending the coaching sessions in 2017 will  be able to get admission in 2018. Application form for NOP can be downloaded from here: LUMS NOP Application Form

Step 2:

NOP Summer Coaching Session:

Shortlisted candidates will be called in for two week Summer Coaching Session at LUMS. The Coaching Session will be arranged in Summer Holidays and All the Expanses will be covered by LUMS except the Travel expanses.

Arif Zaman PHD Doctor, Scientist and Mathematician at LUMS

Step 3:

The SAT:

LUMS will pay the SAT registration fee of candidates who successfully complete the Summer Coaching Session.


Step 4:

LUMS Admission Form:

The next step for Successful NOP summer coaching candidates is to file an online Application for admission to LUMS through the following Link:  LUMS Admission Form

Qualifying students will become the NOP Scholars at LUMS


Closing date for National Outreach Program (NOP) is 2, March 2017


Complete NOP Information and LUMS Admission Procedure in URDU:

National Outreach Program(NOP) Application Procedure at LUMS


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