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Sindh Government to recruit 6000 Doctors

Sindh Government to recruit 6000 Doctors To create Doctors jobs in sindh

Sindh Government to recruit 6000 Doctors to meet the Health Chellanges in Province

The test for the selection of candidates was conduct recently for selection of 2700 doctors so that all the hospitals, rural as well as urban, could be made functional to their maximum capacity to meet the Doctors jobs in sindh.

He took this decision while presiding over a high level meeting to overhaul health department to improve health services all over the province, said a statement on Friday.

The meeting was attended by the Senior representatives of Ministry of Health Sindh and heads of different programs of the health and other concerned officers to discuss the matter of Doctors jobs in Sindh.

Sindh Government to recruit 6000 Doctors  to meet Health Care Chellanges

Briefing to CM Sindh for the Doctors jobs in Sindh:

Briefing the CM Sindh, Secretary Health Usman Chachar said that there were 64701 sanctioned strength of staff in the health department, of them 7948 are vacant, including 6153 of doctors, 10 pharmacists, 23 drug administrators, 210 nurses, 1214 paramedics and others and 338 LHWs.

Replying to a question, the Secretary said that the health department had requisitioned 2700 positions of doctors jobs in Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC). Over 10,000 doctors applied for SPSC test, of them 6000 have passed written test.

The CM Sindh said that without wasting time of the government and poor people of this province offer recruitment to all the 6000 doctors jobs in sindh forthwith.

He directed the chief Secretory (CS) Sindh to look into the rules and remove legal issues, if occurs any, and recruitment them and report him. “Hospital are not functioning properly due to shortage of staff.

He said there are credible reports that substandard medicines were being sold in the market. On this Secretary Health said that the drug testing laboratory was not functional.

He his query, that who is Director Drug Control Authority, the Secretary said Dr Qaiser Abbas who has the charge of Chief Drug Inspector.

The CM Sindh asked him how many meeting of the authority he has called and what is his performance.

He ordered the Chief Secretary to put the services of Dr Qaiser under suspension right now.

“I need selfless workers, efficient and hardworking there is no space for lethargic, unwilling and inefficient team members,” he said.

The CM Sindh was told that Sindh government has 1791 health facilities, including RHC, BHCs, MCHCs, clinics, dispensaries, Unani Shifa Khan and homeopathic dispensaries.

The government has given 998 health facilities to PPHI and 783 are being run by the department.

He added that the Health department runs 16 DHQs, 49 THQs, 27 major hospitals and nine tertiary level care facility.

The Health department also runs 74 health universities, medical, dental colleges, nursing schools and others.

Giving details of health indicators, Secretary Health Usman Chachar said that the infant mortality rate recorded in 2014 is 82 live births.

Child mortality rate up to 5 years of age s also 104 per 1000 live births. There are 65.7 percent births are done by skilled attendants, the figure of institutional deliveries has been recorded at 64 percent.

There is 79.7 percent proportion of antenatal care, 71.8 percent proportion of postnatal care and total fertility rate is 4 while contraceptive prevalence rate has been recorded at 29 percent.

On this the CM Sindh expressed his displeasure and said that every health indicator must be improved by improving health services and doctors jobs in Sindh.

In the province 11 different programs and project in health sectors were in progress which include EPI; LHWs program for family planning & primary health care; maternal & Neonatal Child Health Program; TB Control; Prevention & Control of Hepatitis; Prevention & Control of Blindness; Malaria control; Nutrition Support; Enhanced HIV/AIDS program; Child Survival Program and Dengue Control & Prevention Program.

The CM Sindh said that he was not satisfied with the performance of these program.

“I want you to re-fix your targets and show me progress of these programs and projects,” he said and asked them “just you have to be vigilant, efficient and expensive to the needs, that’s,” he concluded.

Sindh Government to recruit 6000 Doctors  to meet Health Care Chellanges

The CM Sindh was told that four cases of polio have been reported during 2016 which include two in Shikarpur, one in Jacobabad and one in Karachi.

In measles 1,193 cases were reported which claimed 14 lives. Similarly, 1367 dengue cases were reported in which three had lost their lives.

Only two cases of Naegleria were reported and both the patients succumbed. On this the CM Sindh said that polio has earned bad name to Pakistan.

Role of Doctors Job in Sindh:

“I am committed to eradicate polio from Sindh for which everyone has to work hard with me,” he said and directed the CS Sindh to arrange him meetings with all commissioners and deputy commissioners to give them targets.

He also added that he was not happy with the measles reported cases. These diseases have been wiped out from almost all the backward countries of the world but still our people are suffering from it, he said.

Syed Murad Ali Shah said that he had lot of respect for doctors but it become their responsibility to serve the ailing poor people who had no option but to go to public sector hospitals for their treatment.

“The government is spending around Rs33 billion on non-salary expenditures of health department, therefore we expect health services accordingly,” he said.

He said that people have lot of complaints that the doctors in government health facilities were referring them to private labs for tests and medical stores for medicines.

I would not allow further deterioration in public health service, the Chief Minister said and directed Health Minister to install banners for public awareness to get medicines from the hospital and do not purchase medicines from private stores. –APP

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