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Guess Paper Computer 2nd Year 2017 Exams

Guess Paper Computer 2nd Year 2017 Exams

Guess paper for Computer 2nd year 2017 exams with all the important questions from each chapter including long questions and short Questions is given below


Chapter 1:

Data processing,database system,four major compound of database system. database model

chapter 2:

Key? different type of key. difference fixed length field & variable length field.

Chapter 3:

Data modeling, ER diagram

chapter 4:

Data integirty, normalization

chapter 5:

IDE, database object, database object used store retrieve data, RDBMS

chapter 6:

Query, use advantage types queries. types in MS assess.

chapter 7:

Form? use of advantage.

chapter 8:

Program programming language, two types.

chapter 9:

Identifer? two types of indentifers c. variable declaration? with example. constant? types of constant.

chapter 10:

Working “printd”function,escape sequences,”scanf function.

chapter 11:

Explain “if-else statement if statement two alternative.

chapter 12:

Loop?  while loop working, do while loop, for loop, (all program “loop)


Best of Luck 🙂

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