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MCAT Prep Tips – How to Avoid Failure

Every year, MCAT annoys a number of students. A very few of the candidates make it to the point where they can proudly tell their marks to other. In this blog I’d tell you people how MCAT Prep should be done and what are the keys that are necessary to be kept in mind during the preparation and Examination day.


Here the tips listed,

Entry Test is NOT a nightmare

Entrance test for a medical college is not a nightmare. Never take it as something insuperable. What is the hurdle which forbids you to unlock the doors to your professional career? Entrance test??? Come on! Lets hurdle this tiny hurdle.

Practice Tests are no more than Practice

Teachers only indoctrinate you to perceive the angle of grasping the MCQs. Don’t consider their rehearsal tests as the clue to Entrance test.

Text Book is the Best Book

It will be better for you to fasten your attention on text books rather than surplus stuff/notes.

Importance of Self Study

Who will deny the importance of Self-Study as the sovereign weapon of a student?.So you should use your most powerful weapon.

Time Management – Key to Success

Time management has a vital role in preparation because you have to revise your 2 years course in just 2 or 3 months. So make your Time table and glue to it.

Reading Tips

Read thoroughly all the chapters , all the lines. Pay equal heed to both easy and difficult things. Don’t always go for the tough. Don’t ignore easy ones. Revise repeatedly all your course. It will make your concepts crystal-clear.

They say, “Practice makes a man Perfect”

Practice, practice, and practice. Solve the MCQs as much as you can. (just don’t be too hard on yourself) The more familiar you are with the format, better is your grasp on the questions in the test. Getting to know the question, some say, is half the battle won.

Use Social Media/Internet

Everything has pros and cons, like internet. Use this tool for your benefit. There are multiple groups/pages where you can find the best guidance.

At the end I would like to add try to get prayers from your parents,teachers and of all others whom you deal socially. We at Universal Testing Forum are always there to help/guide you people, leave a message at our official facebook page and we’d love to reply as soon as possible.

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