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MDCAT 2017 Canceled out, Will be conducted Again


MDCAT 2017 Canceled out, Will be conducted Again Soon

Approximately 65,000 Candidates Appeared in MDCAT'17 Exam Today
Approximately 65,000 Candidates Appeared in MDCAT’17 Exam Today

Medical and Dental College Admission Test has been canceled and it will be conducted soon. Two Teachers from the Private Academy from lahore have been arrested so far. and the dates for the new test will be announced soon.


Yesterday Cheief Minister of Punjab has made a committee to check into the matter of the leaked MDCAT 2017 Paper.

Protest From Students:

A large number of students gathered at the different cities of punjab today against the MDCAT 2017 Paper leak, and the government has taken the matter too seriously and on the priority basis to solve it as it is the matter of almost 70 thousand students and their families.


Proof of Leaked MDCAT 2017 Exam:


Proof of MDCAT leaked paper is here with the images shared by the students

So it is confirmed that yesterdays MDCAT Paper was leaked


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  1. it is offical news

  2. It,s official news about mdcat

  3. Kindly tell official resources of this news thanks

  4. Its not official bcz as per punjab education minister there is no truth in conducting the paper again but we have launched an inquiry against those who were involved in the leaks.

  5. when will the paper is going to be conducted again???

  6. source ???????

  7. this news is confirmed or fake please guide me???

  8. Its not official i think the whole issue is in court.and court has issued stay order to uhs till 13 sep.

  9. If you have any update about MDCAT please inform me

  10. Tell me when will the paper is going to be conduct???

  11. kutttttte students who bought and sold MDCAT papers due to excess of money
    InshAllah never finds peace and merriment in life
    they are the mafia of non muslims as they will killed unmeasurable Pakistani in hospitals as a doctors.
    they r the enemy of country and islam
    they have no right to stay in our country . THEY R THE IBLEEEESSSSSSSS OF NEW GENERATION

    • Iram you are great…. Exactly exactly… U best expressed that how we worked day and night for mdcat and thats what we get its reward . ??
      The mafia must suicide if they read these lines..

    • Listen ??? u have no right to judge non Muslims and u have any proof against non Muslims???? so be careful or Han bolny sy pehele soch lia kro Ok idiot

  12. is it official that it will be reconducted ???? should i keep hopes ?

  13. The paper will be conducted again or not????

  14. This is not official because the mdcat leaks are still under discussion in LHC … So please guys dont believe it because it is fake news and there are no chances that mdcat is conducted again…

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