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NEW Syllabus for MDCAT 2019 by UHS

NEW Syllabus for MDCAT 2019 by UHS

MDCAT Syllabus 2019:

University of Health Sciences has announced the Syllabus for the MDACT 2019 Examination detailed as follows: To Score High in the examination be to stick to the Syllabus Mentioned below:

  1. Structure of the Question Paper for Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT) 2019

    1 Biology =80
    2 Chemistry= 60
    3 Physics =40
    4 English =20
    5. Total  =  200

NEW MDCAT 2019 Syllabus By UHS
NEW MDCAT 2019 Syllabus By UHS

MDCAT Syllabus 2019:


  • Table of Contents

    1 The Cell
    2 Biological Molecules
    3 Chromosomes and DNA
    4 Cell Division
    5 Variety of Life
    6 Bioenergetics
    7 Gas Exchange
    8 Transport in Plants
    9 Transport in Human
    10 Immunity
    11 Homeostasis
    12 Muscles and Movement
    13 Communication
    14 Reproduction
    15 Genetics
    16 Biotechnology
    17 Evolution



A. Physical Chemistry

1. Fundamental Concepts
2. States of Matter
3. Atomic Structure
4. Chemical Bonding
5. Chemical Energetics
6. Electrochemistry
7. Chemical Equilibrium
8. Reaction Kinetics

B. Inorganic Chemistry

1. Periods
2. Groups
3. Transition Elements
4. Compounds of Nitrogen and Sulphur

C. Organic Chemistry

1. Fundamental Principles
2. Hydrocarbons
3. Alkyl Halides (Haloalkanes)
4. Alcohols and Phenols
5. Aldehydes and Ketones
6. Carboxylic Acids
7. Amino Acids
8. Macromolecules
9. Environmental Chemistry




Table of Content

1. Measurement
2. Motion and Force
3. Work, Energy, and Power
4. Circular Motion
5. Oscillation
6. Waves
7. Light
8. Heat & Thermodynamics
9. Electrostatics
10. Current Electricity
11. Electromagnetism
12. Electromagnetic Induction
13. Deformation of Solids
14. Electronics
15. Modern Physics
16. Nuclear Physics




The aim of the English section of MDCAT is to measure the applicants’ skills in the English language and to evaluate how prepared they are for undertaking graduate studies in medicine in
English. The test applies a common standard to everyone to be able to evaluate the
preparation of the applicants from different sectors, regions and socio-economic backgrounds.
The benchmarks for the test have been developed in light of the curriculum used in HSSC
and CIE. Since the students who take the MDCAT come from a wide range of educational
contexts, the test comprises items that may be applied to broadband of language
competencies that are not exclusive to one particular type of curriculum.


i. To ensure complete alignment between the English curriculum used in various
sectors at the HSSC and CIE level and the test items
ii. To create a balance of items from different benchmarks of the English curriculum
outlined for MDCAT
iii. To make sure that difficult and ambiguous items beyond the scope of high school
education are not included
iv. To design the test specifications
v. To design, select, and arrange test task items


Complete Detailed Syllabus Can be Downloaded from Here

Download Complete MDACT 2019 Syllabus
Download Complete MDACT 2019 Syllabus

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