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Punjab Gov. not going to Increase in UHS MBBS Seats

It seems PMDC and UHS are not going to Increase in UHS MBBS Seats


Punjab Government is not going to Increase in UHS MBBS Seats

Increase in UHS MBBS Seats:

Its been more than Three to Four Months that there was rumor from government that This year they are going to Increase in UHS MBBS Seats and fortunately or unfortunately the MCAT paper was quite easy this time. Most of the students performed very well this time and repeaters got benefit of this ease in MCAT Exam 2016.  UHS MCAT stats Says:

Ninty Five Percent (95%) of students who scored more than 965+  in MCAT Exam 2016 are repeaters and the only remaining 5% are Fresh candidates who scored more than 965 this time.

These stats are no more less than a nightmare for every fresh Medical candidate who appeared in MCAT this year.  This simple shows that the merit gonna increase this time for sure, But still there was hope that if Increase in UHS MBBS seats gets confirmed then the merit will get down a bit and almost 850-1000 more students will get admission in Medical Colleges this time.

The situation is getting worse day by day there isn’t any representative from Pakistan Medical and Dental College (PMDC) Board or from University of Health Sciences (UHS) who can answer in clear words, either the seats are going to increase or not for this time.  Students, Teachers and Parents everyone is in tension that what is happening over this serious Issue. Can you imagine that after the continuous efforts  of 4 years (Metric-Inter-MCAT) still a students is unable to get his/her right just because of a poor strategies and all the corruption of Administration sitting above?

Today’s Newspaper over the Issue of Increase in UHS MBBS seats:

Today newspaper of Dunya News showed a blog over this issue and after reading that blog my all hopes died in a second. That news says still there is no action from the administration of Government Medical colleges over this sensitive issue and they are putting the future of thousand of students on stake just because of their poor policies and mismanagement of the government officials. The Admission for Medical Colleges 2016 is in final stages and they will publish the List of final selected candidates on 28-October 2016. and still no one has confirmed that either Increase in UHS MBBS seats is going to happen or not.  The Piece of that News Paper is attached below:

Punjab Government is not going to Increase in UHS MBBS Seats

The Logic’s over the Issue of Increase in UHS MBBS seats from Government:

Punjab Government, PMDC and UHS Officials are saying that they can’t Increase the MBBS seats in government medical colleges just because of  ‘Less Budget’ given to them from the government of Pakistan.  I guess this is not as much issue when your State is in the hands of a corrupt government, Education and Health Sector left behind. This can be justified easily that government has enough budget to Invest in METROS and ORANGE LINE TRAINS ,  WOW Great !!

If this was the reason that they don’t have Enough Budget to for the Increase in MBBS seats, they should have look into their resources before announcing the increase in seats.

Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif must look into this matter realizing the seriousness of  increase in MBBS seats for the students of Punjab.

If anything doesn’t happen in coming days in favor of Medical student TEAM Universal Testing Forum will write an open letter to Chief Minister Punjab over the issue of Increase in UHS MBBS seats.

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  1. we need to take stand :/

  2. utf do something please

  3. This is injustice with fresh students…

  4. We protest !

  5. It is not fair…that only 5% fresh students are being admitted to medical colleges… please..do something about this issue..so that we can secure the future of many other students…

  6. It is not fair…that only 5% fresh students are being admitted to medical colleges… please..do something about this issue..so that we can secure the future of many other students… please..

  7. Yes.but do something in time

  8. Plz plz do something plz secure the future of MCAT students

    • Abdul Rahman we are trying our level best

      • Meaning u r doing nothing

        • what can we do? Tell me !
          You people didn’t come out for your own rights at the time of protests and you are expecting results of your own choice without any effort.

          • Excuse me sir! Without any efforts!!! We studied hard in martic/o level and fsc/ a level and worked hard for mcat getting aggs above 88 but still no use. What good will protests do when hard work goes down the drain.

          • You are right, but we can’t do this alone. challenging a system is the toughest thing for a single person, single company or even a single corporation like us.
            You people can do this, if all the students were frustrated with this system why they didn’t appeared in the protests, In Lahore there were only 10 students standing outside lahore press club protesting for the increase in MBBS seats. were were rest of the students who were chanting and blaming gov. and system over social media ?

        • we wrote an Open letter to CM Punjab over this issue and shared that letter to whole media as well.
          But our own elected CM didn’t even bother to respond over this critical issue.

          • Thanks for trying anyway. That just proves the point that protests wud not have solved anything. Either they wud have been ignored or the gov wud have said wait till next year. Doctors protest regularly but no one listens to them. Well now the students r not bound to serve the government in their hospitals. Opt for cmh. Its under military set up and not under uhs anymore

  9. :what wil be the last merit of Lahore

  10. Students you should come out and protest

  11. So at last is it clear that medical seats are not increasing this year???? Or not ???

  12. You should have increased the seats…. u have done so wrong…. future of mcat students has been destroyed just because of not increasing seats…… if so many students are urging towards this field so seats should be increased… what is the fault of student securing 87 % this year… who was sitting in lahore med clgs in previous year.. and this year he is not even in calculation…

  13. Plz do something.

  14. Plz do something…. there should be a protest by everyone …. seats increase krni chahye… i have an aggregate of 88.2233.. but i hadn’t admitted in any government medicl clg….. plz do somethng before the 2nd list of mbbs…. plzzzzzzzzz

    • Same here bro. I have an agg of 88.3327 but did not get in. Its totally unfair as all our hard work has gone down the drain. They made it look as if 88 is a small number . Well i can say is that Allah have mercy on Pakistan.

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