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Pakistan Ranked 2nd among countries not allowing girls to go school


Pakistan ranked 2nd among countries not allowing girls to go school – Female Education in Pakistan

Pakistan is suffering extreme conditions regarding the Education system in Pakistan. Education system in Pakistan is not supportive for the students and their families. It is the saddest  day for the Pakistan and all the people of Pakistan who are striving for the betterment and revival of education in Pakistan when Alif Ailaan announced the report that Pakistan ranked 2nd among countries where the citizens do not allow their females and girls to go to school.

Pakistan ranked 2nd among countries not allowing girls to go school
Out of School Children In Pakistan


Revival of Education culture especially Female Education in Pakistan was neither been important for the rulers of the state nor it is today. That’s why we have to face these conditions, But the problem is not at the state end only it is heavily depend upon the People of the country who not support the Education system and nor appreciate the progress made their children.

what could happen worse than this that among being a nuclear power ranked 2nd among the countries who do not allow their girls to go to school, Female population is More than 52% in Pakistan and yet the number of schools who facilitate the females to study are less than the half of the total Schools in Pakistan.

“Out of 154918 schools working n Pakistan where 58042 are facilitating the 37% of female population of Pakistan specified for the females”.


Reasons for the Low Enrolment of Female in Schools:


According to the survey on Family and ground level we find these major issues who are completely responsible for the lack of interest towards Education by the families, and the points are given below:

1) Social Security for Females:

This is height of shame for the Pakistani citizens that their families feel less secure outside their home. Although Pakistan is known as a Islamic Republic but there is nothing Islamic in the people. where’s someone’s daughter, Sister and mother do not feel safe when they are outside their houses.and this is the major reason that our culture do not support the Female Education. That’s why the parents prefer not Allowing girls to go to Schools, Colleges and Universities than to face any shameful circumstances.

2) Gender Discrimination:

Countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are highly discriminate over gender even with in their families, a lot of People think that their Sons will support when they will get old but their daughters will move to their Husbands houses after their marries. This is the sole major reason they do not send their females to study, go to Job or to make their own career and on the other Hand they prefer their Sons to study and spent a lot on their Expenditures.

And there are Estimated 25 Million Students are out of Schools, and the complete Analytical report over the issue is here:

25 Million Broken Promises- Out of School Children in Pakistan

3) High Fee Structure:

Pakistan is a developing country where people have to work more than 12 hours a day to meet their expanses. High Fee structures by colleges and Universities are leading towards the Less enrolment from the Middle Class families and for most of the cases it becomes impossible to continue their education for the female students.

4) Lack Of Facilities:

Lack of facilities are one of the reasons that we have a very less enrolment of females at the school level. Providing the facilities is a major responsibility of the state and the state is an example of complete failure over this Issue.

KPK Government made a lot progress in the field of Education in the recent few months and provided the basic facilities to the Public Schools of KPK, and the results of these activities are amazing enough to attract and impress rest of the provinces. and the Complete Report is given below:

Approximately 34,000 students make transition to Government Schools in KPK from the Private Schools. 

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