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This will be the Future of Pakistan | Mir MAK

This Will Be The Future Of Pakistan | Mir Muhammad Ali Khan

Future of Pakistan will be legendary. It will be written in the history books that there was a time in Pakistan when there was corruption, nepotism, lawlessness, terrorism and despair but no matter what these people faced, they never gave up. They faced terrorism for a decade and a half, lost thousands of lives but their faith in a better future never dwindled. There were forces which tried to divide these people on the basis of race, language, color and sects, but slowly and surely they realized the nature of these dividing forces and unveiled their true faces. There will come a time when historians will pen down in their archives for centuries to come that the nation called Pakistan, beat all the odds against itself and rose to the top.

This will be the Future of Pakistan | Mir MAK
MIR Muhammad Ali Khan

Just when the world had given up on Pakistanis, they decided to believe in themselves. Just when their economic fate was being dictated by the forces outside Pakistan, the Pakistanis decided to rely on themselves and write their own future. Yes there were difficulties, yes there were problems, yes there were many skeptics within Pakistan itself, but the few who believed in the brighter future of Pakistan proved those skeptics wrong. As it has always happened throughout history that the optimists won against the pessimist.

The land where hundreds of thousands of times, AZAAN was heard and millions of foreheads went into SAJDAA everyday, how could Allah SWT have abandoned that nation. It was that belief that kept these people going. Pakistan embodied the story of the “Turtle and The Rabbit” where slow and steady movement of the turtle took him to his destination. The people of this nation went from failure to failure, time and time again, but they never gave up. They realized that failure is not final and they had no choice but to succeed. They realized that sometimes a nation with the most difficult past ends up creating the most beautiful future. And that is what happened to Pakistan.

Pakistanis realized that it is alright to have a dark past but its not alright to stop dreaming of a bright future because a bright future belongs to the ones who believe in their dreams. There were a few decades where people left Pakistan in droves but there were many more decades in a row where the same people and a few more, came returned back to their motherland, never to leave again. And together they built their country into a place worthy of envy and an example of resilience as a nation. They realized that optimism was the foundation of progress built upon the pillars of courage.

Future of Pakistan will be legendary and history will bear witness to it till the end of time. Ameen.

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