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Tips and Tricks For GAT General Examination

Tips and Tricks For GAT General Examination


Graduate Assessment Test GAT-GENERAL is for admissions in MS / M.Phil programs.  The test result will remain valid for “TWO YEARS” for admissions. GAT General is designed to examine the quantitative, analytical, logical and English abilities of the students. In order to succeed in GAT students must take care of certain things and should prepare for the test accordingly. Some most important tips are as following;

Tips and Tricks for the GAT General Examination
Tips and Tricks for the GAT General Examination


Get Familiar with Pattern of GAT General:

There are a 100 multiple choice questions and a total of 120 minutes. Each question carries one mark and there is no negative marking. Furthermore, there are 40 question in the English section, 30 in the analytical and 30 in the mathematics section. This is for biological sciences. For other subjects, there might be a slight variation. For complete details, visit the National Testing Service (NTS) website.

The English section usually comprises antonyms, synonyms, fill-in-the-blanks, and reading comprehension questions. In mathematics, which is essentially high school level, the questions consist of basic geometry, sets, basic arithmetic, and basic algebra. The analytical section mainly consists of logical puzzles and a few logical reasoning questions.

Guide for the mathematics section:

Increase your mathematics skills by studying elementary maths for a month or two.  You should not go for preparing before a weak or two for the GAT General test. Try to learn algebraic and geometric equations and formulae. Practice your skills each day with sample questions. You can find the latest GAT format in the official NTS book. The questions there are not an exact match but at least you will get an idea of what type of questions to expect.

Guide for The analytical section:

You can improve your analytical ability by practicing sample questions again. For the logical puzzles, favorite book is the GRE Big Book which has plenty of questions to last a lifetime. You can try to solve puzzles like Sudoku or codebreaker which help increase your analytical ability. Try to relax and make a map or table of the question to solve it easily.

Guide for The English section:

You cannot prepare for the English section in a short time. For English, there is no quick fix. Forget memorizing the word lists for vocabulary. They will do no good and instead will burden you psychologically. Try a few novels, preferably by British authors. Also, try to read columns and op-ed pages of English dailies. Puzzles like anagrams and crosswords help you increase your vocabulary. Try to solve at least one puzzle a day.

Time Management:

You have to allocate your time to each section. Try to solve the English section first, then Quantitative one and at last you should go for solving the Analytical section. you should give minimum time to English section and try to give maximum time to solve the analytical questions. This way you can find your rhythm and can simulate real test conditions. Within a week of solving these “home tests”, you will feel confident enough and will be able to manage 120 minutes in the best way on the actual test day.

During the Test Guide:

Try to relax, don’t take extra pressure.  Do not read anything on the test day. The GAT has no syllabus so you do not have to complete that sample test from last night. You should solve all the question.  Avoid any kind of mishap which could result in a major mistake for you.

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