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Top 5 Horrific Mistakes Your CV/Resume Have

The biggest problem one has while applying for the job is lack of knowledge about a good format and form of CV Resume. Many candidates fail to get their desired dream job just because of mistakes in the CV and Resume. Most of people wonder why they are continuously being rejected. Considering your qualifications are as per a company requirement, you might also possess all those exact skill and abilities sets, and you may have the right experience, but still you fall short. Why? You might find your answers below.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your CV is not being Shortlisted by Companies


5 Reasons Why Your CV Resume is not being Shortlisted:

One of these horrific mistakes are the main reason behind the rejection of maximum CV Resume.

  • Your CV Resume is too long:   The volume of applications is immense and sometimes a thousand for a vacancy, and that too while one is recruiting for multiple other positions. Hiring managers spend only 6 to 7 seconds on an average to analyze a CV. No matter how rich content you have and how accomplished you CV is, if it bores the Hiring managers then it will ultimately make managers to ignore the long length CVs. So try to summarize your all important information in short and concise  way.
  • Your photo on your resume:    According to statistics 76 % of managers disqualify the CV which contains Photo of the applicant. you should not display your picture but rather let your experience talk and leads you towards success.
  • Unprofessional email address:   it is very hateful to have unprofessional email adresses, Hiring managers get annoyed by these silly and funny email adresses and tend to reject these unprofessional candidates. these email adresses represents you and results in failure. Example of the unprofessional email adress can be killerkashan@_____ coolsam@____  and lonely4u@____
  • No online presence:  Many recruiters wish to visit your online profile as it is the trend of social media. Hiring managers want to look how you handles your social media content. If you have no social media handles, you might as well forget bagging that Manager’s seat you always wanted in that dream company.
  • Fabricated information: Maximum companies go on to verify the information that you provide. if you provide some falls data this will lead to ultimate failure. so try to avoid all those information which dont have any sound proof. if you mention some achievements you never had and management get to know about that then it will lead you towards rejection.

Many candidates rule themselves out by making the silliest yet the most avoidable mistakes, and these tend to be candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds who don’t have the benefit of getting guidance from someone in the field since they probably don’t know many.

so if you avoid these mistakes and make comprehensive CV then you can get the dream job that you have always wished for.

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