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5 Top Scholarships for University Students in Pakistan

5 Top Scholarships for University Students in Pakistan

A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education. Scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria, which usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award. Scholarship money is not required to be repaid. Scholarships are a major component of college financial aid in the countries such as the Pakistan.

5 Top Scholarships for University Students in Pakistan

Major Types of Scholarships In Pakistan:

  1. Need Based Scholarships
  2.  Student Specific Scholarships
  3. Career Specific Scholarships
  4. Field Specific Scholarships
  5.  Sports Based Scholarships
  6. Brand –  Based Scholarships
  7. Creative Contest Scholarships
  8. Local and Disability based Scholarships


Top Scholarships for University Students in Pakistan

Categories of Award:

The scholarship award is of two categories:


  • Boarders



  • Day Scholars



 1. PEEF (Punjab Educational Endowment Fund)

The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) is a program governed by the Government of Punjab to establish opportunities for the bright boys and girls students. It gives the scholarship to bright students which cannot afford their fees.


  1. This is FSc based Scholarship if you have done your FSC from Government College.
  2. This is mainly based on Merit of the candidate.
  3.  Government of Punjab send the PEEF form of yours to your college and you will be informed of your form from the administration of college.
  4. You have to fill that form properly and have ti send that form again to PEEF office.
  5. After few months (2nd Semester) you will be awarded with the stipend.

For more information visit PEEF Official Website: PEEF Official Website

2. HEC (Higher Education Commission)

The Higher Education Commission scholarship program governed by the Government of Pakistan for the Students enrolled in Pakistani Universities both Public and Government Sector. It gives the scholarship to bright students which cannot afford their fees.


  1. This Scholarship is based on your enrollment, only university students can avail this scholarship.
  2. This is totally a Need base Scholarship.
  3. You can apply for HEC Scholarships after your first Semester.
  4. You have to submit the form in your University.
  5. After the submission of form they will call you for the Interviews. and most importantly the whole scholarship is based on your Interviews.
  6. if you get this scholarship then the HEC will pay the whole Fee charges of your University life. and moreover they will return you the Fee of First semester as well that you have submitted before this scholarship.

For more information visit HEC Official Website: HEC Official Website


3. USAID Funded Scholarship:

Applicants from Pakistan are invited to apply for USAID Funded merit and needs-based scholarship program. Scholarships are available to pursue undergraduate & graduate level in all disciplines at the selected 31 Pakistani universities and degree awarding institutions.


  1. This Scholarship is totally funded by United States government.
  2. This is a need based Scholarship.
  3. This Scholarship is for both Undergraduate and Graduate students.
  4. Host institute:  Pakistani universities and degree awarding institutes

    Application Deadline: The application deadlines vary according to universities.


For more information visit USAID Official Website: USAID Official Website


4.  Dia Scholarship:

DIA organization is working since 1988 in Pakistan, promoting the Educational culture in Pakistan to help the students to achieve more in their Educational Career.


  1. This is an Online Scholarship System.
  2. You have to fill the form online.
  3. This is completely a Need Based Scholarship for the bright students.


For more information visit DIA Official Website: DIA Official Website


5. FEE Concession for the University Students:

This is the University and Departmental based scholarship. This scholarships is for the students enrolled in university.  This is completely depends upon university and the procedure can be different for each university.

But in most of the universities like UET Taxila there is a process of Interviews. You have to appear in Interviews in your department to avail this opportunity.


  1. Completely a University based scholarships.
  2. A need based scholarship for the students enrolled in campus.
  3. This Fee Concession can be either FULL Fee Concession or HALF Fee Concession
  4.  The Procedure starts after the First Semester.
  5. You have to appear for this Scholarship every year (2nd Semester, 3rd Semester, 5th Semester and 7th Semester)


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