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Complete UET Lahore Merit list 2016 for Each Department and Campus


UET Lahore 4th Merit list 2016, Engineering Universities Merit Lists 2016

UET Lahore is the prestigious institute when it comes to Engineering in Pakistan. For the admission fall 2016, the institute has announced the 2nd merit list.

Innovation and Technology Incubator Center (TICK), UET Lahore.

The Last Merits in 4th Merit List:

Architectural Engineering LHR A 75.8909090909091

Architectural Engineering LHR S 70.3204545454545

Architecture LHR A 73.3022727272727

Architecture LHR I 70.02

Architecture LHR N 73.8636363636364

Architecture LHR S 66.2954545454545

Architecture LHR T 67.6818181818182

Bio-Medical Technology KSK A 66.1977272727273

Bio-Medical Technology KSK I 65.6830985915493

Chemical Engineering FSD A 70.8159090909091

Chemical Engineering FSD S 61.3909090909091

Chemical Engineering KSK A 72.2681818181818


UET Lahore 1st Merit List 2016

Chemical Engineering KSK I 67.5529411764706

Chemical Engineering KSK S 65.9318181818182

Chemical Engineering LHR A 76.1704545454545

Chemical Engineering LHR N 75.7159090909091

Chemical Engineering LHR S 69.3886363636364

Chemical Technology KSK A 66.3045454545454

Chemical Technology KSK I 60.0423913043478

City & Regional Planning LHR A 71.0840909090909

City & Regional Planning LHR N 68.4477272727273

City & Regional Planning LHR T 67.2363636363636

Civil Engineering LHR A 78.0409090909091

Civil Engineering LHR N 76.4272727272727

Civil Engineering LHR S 71.7340909090909

Civil Engineering NWL A 72.2590909090909

Civil Engineering NWL I 70.28

Civil Engineering NWL S 61.5477272727273

Civil Engineering NWL SI 63.72

Computer Engineering LHR A 77.6522727272727

Computer Science KSK A 68.5181818181818

Computer Science LHR A 72.4454545454545

Computer Science NWL A 66.75

Computer Science RCET A 67.55

Electrical Engineering FSD A 71.3022727272727

Electrical Engineering FSD I 71.0102112676056

Electrical Engineering FSD S 61.4136363636364

Electrical Engineering KSK A 74.4659090909091

Electrical Engineering KSK I 72.3630281690141

Electrical Engineering KSK S 66.5340909090909

Electrical Engineering KSK SI 64.8271126760563

Electrical Engineering LHR A 78.3818181818182

Electrical Engineering LHR L 77.8386363636364

Electrical Engineering LHR N 77.9977272727273

Electrical Engineering LHR O 76.75

Electrical Engineering LHR R 76.2136363636364

Electrical Engineering LHR S 71.85

Electrical Engineering NWL A 70.3522727272727

Electrical Engineering NWL I 69.8334507042254

Electrical Engineering NWL S 60.8863636363636

Electrical Engineering RCET A 70.7409090909091

Electrical Engineering RCET I 70.6919014084507

Electrical Engineering RCET S 64.4227272727273

Electrical Technology KSK A 66.9022727272727

Electrical Technology KSK I 66.5056338028169

Environmental Engineering LHR A 71.1431818181818

Environmental Engineering LHR S 67.1795454545454

Geological Engineering LHR A 70.0181818181818

Geological Engineering LHR S 66.9227272727273


UET Lahore 2nd Merit list 2016

Industrial & Manufacturing Engg LHR A 74.5295454545455

Industrial & Manufacturing Engg LHR I 72.486231884058

Industrial & Manufacturing Engg LHR S 66.9318181818182

Industrial & Manufacturing Engg RCET A 68.3590909090909

Industrial & Manufacturing Engg RCET I 71.6865942028985

Mechanical Engineering KSK A 75.6295454545455

Mechanical Engineering KSK I 72.7260869565217

Mechanical Engineering KSK S 68.7886363636364

Mechanical Engineering KSK SI 64.4176056338028

Mechanical Engineering LHR A 80.1704545454545

Mechanical Engineering LHR L 78.2181818181818

Mechanical Engineering LHR N 80.1045454545454

Mechanical Engineering LHR O 79.0818181818182

Mechanical Engineering LHR S 74.5204545454545

Mechanical Engineering NWL A 71.3659090909091

Mechanical Engineering NWL I 70.0217391304348

Mechanical Engineering NWL P 73.58125

Mechanical Engineering NWL S 61.5363636363636

Mechanical Engineering RCET A 73.2090909090909

Mechanical Engineering RCET I 71.4344202898551

Mechanical Engineering RCET S 66.2409090909091

Mechanical Technology KSK A 67.2840909090909

Mechanical Technology KSK I 66.6141304347826

Mechatronics & Control Engg FSD A 69.5659090909091

Mechatronics & Control Engg FSD I 69.5573943661972

Mechatronics & Control Engg FSD S 60.9181818181818

Mechatronics & Control Engg FSD SI 61.9619718309859

Mechatronics & Control Engg LHR A 76.5181818181818

Mechatronics & Control Engg LHR I 72.318115942029

Mechatronics & Control Engg LHR S 72.6068181818182

Metallurgical & Materials Engg LHR A 72.0909090909091

Metallurgical & Materials Engg LHR I 70.0539855072464

Metallurgical & Materials Engg LHR N 72.0227272727273

Metallurgical & Materials Engg LHR S 66.8818181818182

Mining Engineering LHR A 69.6886363636364

Mining Engineering LHR I 56.9

Mining Engineering LHR N 67.9113636363636

Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR A 76.0545454545455

Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR I 67.2367647058824


UET Lahore Last Year Merit and Comparison of Last 7 Years

Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR N 75.1704545454545

Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR S 71.55

Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR SI 50.12

Polymer Engineering LHR A 70.3340909090909

Polymer Engineering LHR S 66.15

Product & Industrial Design LHR A 69.6022727272727

Product & Industrial Design LHR S 66.8545454545455

Textile Technology FSD A 66.9068181818182

Textile Technology FSD I 50.845652173913

Transportation Engineering LHR A 71.4045454545455

Transportation Engineering LHR S 66.1681818181818

Note: This is not the last list for Admission in UET Lahore, the remaining lists will be labeled there at the admin block of the university, But will not be posted on the media pages or the websites. If you want to find the final merits of the next lists, do contact us on our official facebook page.

For more details, visit our website and share this blog if you think was a helping one.

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  5. What is LHR S and LHR N etc???

    • LHR N means Applying for lahore if U have a Chakwal Domicile.
      LHR S means that u fall in a categorey of Lahore UET if u r a son of an Engineer

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