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List of Leading Medical Colleges in Pakistan

Top Leading Medical Colleges in Pakistan

Here we have listed 14 leading medical colleges in Pakistan. Although you cannot compare them with medical colleges in EU or USA within Pakistan, they are best. These institutes are providing quality education in the field of health sciences and producing exceptional doctors.

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So here goes the list in the bottom to top order.

14. Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad

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Abbottabad, the capital city of Hazara division, is not only famous for its scenic beauty but also for some excellent professional and educational institutions like the Pakistan Military Academy, Army Burn Hall School and College, Abbottabad Public School and College, Pakistan International Public School and College, the Iqra Academy, etc. Establishment of Ayub Medical College in August 1978 added another feather in its cap.


13. Khyber Medical College, Peshawar

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Founded in 1954, Khyber Medical College is a public medical institution located in the city of Peshawar, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.


12. Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences, Hyderabad

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Located in the province of Sindh on the right bank of river Indus at Jamshoro. It is 160 km north from the port city of Karachi and 16 km from the historical city of Hyderabad.


11. Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad

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Faisalabad Medical University, is located in Faisalabad, Pakistan, on a 158-acre campus on Sargodha Road. It was established in 1973. Teaching hospitals affiliated with the university are Allied Hospital and District Headquarters Hospital Hospital.

10. Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine, Karachi

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The AIDM was founded in 2001. Since its inception the Institute stands out as an exemplary place for undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs. AIDM is a combination of a committed and qualified faculty inherently focused to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to its students.


9. Bolan Medical College, Quetta

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A medical college located in Quetta. It was founded in 1972. The government of Japan issued a grant to its rehabilitation in mid 90’s and it has a number of graduates who are passed out so far.


8. Chandka Medical College, Larkana

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Chandka Medical College, established on 20 April 1973., is a third public sector Medical College under Government of Sindh where more than 300 students of tagged districts including Larkana.


7. Baqai Medical University, Karachi

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Baqai Medical University is located on Super Highway, Toll Plaza, Gadap suburb of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It was founded in 1988 and is ranked number 13 in the HEC rankings for medical universities in Pakistan.


6. Fatimah Jinnah Medical College for Women, Lahore


Fatima Jinnah Medical University, named after Fatima Jinnah, is located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The institute was founded in 1948.


5. Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore


Allama Iqbal Medical College, established in 1975, is a public school of medicine, nursing and allied health sciences located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Jinnah hospital is attached to the college as a teaching hospital.


4. Nishtar Medical University, Multan

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Nishtar Medical College is a public sector medical school located in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. It is named after Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar, Pakistan movement activist, and then Governor of Punjab, Pakistan.


3. DOW University of Health Science, Karachi

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The Dow University of Health Sciences is one of the oldest public sector universities in Pakistan. It is located in the urban metropolitan area of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.


2. King Edward Medical University, Lahore

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King Edward Medical University is a medical university located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Founded in 1860, the university is named after the Edward VII. Established by the British Raj, named as Lahore Medical School.


1. Aga Khan University and Hospital, Karachi

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Aga Khan University is a unique hybrid: an institution of academic excellence that is also an agent for social development. A leading source of medical, nursing and teacher education, research and public service in the developing world, the University prepares men and women to lead change in their societies and to thrive in the global economy.


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