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Step by Step Procedure to Apply in Medical Colleges 2017

Complete Step-by-Step Procedure to Apply in Medical Colleges

If you are one of those medical students who are worried about he next procedure to apply in medical colleges after the MCAT then you are at the right place and this blog is specially written for you. In next few lines, I will describe the whole procedure that will lead you to be a Medical College Student.

Complete procedure to Apply in Medical Colleges of Punjab (Step-by-Step)

Now, the procedure consists of some steps:

  1. Getting a prospectus

  2. Filling the form and Applying for Admission


Preference List for Private Medical Colleges In Punjab


Getting the Prospectus

Prospectuses would be available in these medical colleges:

  1. University of Health Sciences, Lahore

  2. Nishtar Medical College, Multan

  3. RMC, Rawalpindi


The prospectuses will be available at the above mentioned places from 3th Oct to 15th Oct.


There is no Price, they are totally FREE.


This is an eligibility criteria to get even the prospectus for the admission in public medical colleges of Punjab. Only those candidates with 82% or above aggregate will be able to get the prospectuses.

Documents Required to Get Prospectus:

These are the documents that will be asked from the administration when you will visit the campuses to get the prospectuses:

  1. an attested copy of  Metric/O-level result card

  2. an attested copy of F.Sc/A-level result card

  3. an unattested copy of MCAT result card (this document can be printout from the UHS Website)

  4. an attested copy of domicile


Ragging in Public Medical Colleges of Punjab



Nishtar Medical College, Multan.
Nishtar Medical College, Multan.

Filling the Form and Applying for Admission

After filling the form you will have to attach these documents with the form before submission:

  1. 3 attested copy of Metric/O-level result card

  2. 3 attested copy of F.Sc/A-level result card

  3. 3 unattested copy of MCAT result card

  4. 3 attested copy of domicile

  5. 3 attested CNIC copies of father/mother

  6. 4 passport size photographs with blue background (1 photo has to attested from the front and other 3 from the back side)

  7. Fitness certificate original (You can get it from any dhq hospital or any Pmdc registered private doctor)

  8. Original affidavit (Annexure-I) on Rs:20 or any rupees stamp paper (Specimen can be obtained from UHS site by clicking on “Annexures” and then Annexure 1 out of 4 Annexures should be printed on Stamp Paper)

  9. And now you’re Good to Go.

Senior’s Advice

The purpose to write this blog was to make things clear to you people, the juniors. Whole process might be hard or tricky for you but please do not be confused.

in case of any future query our Facebook Page and Website is always there to help you guys.

Good Luck Everyone!

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