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Tips for Downgrading Process in UET Lahore

Tips for Downgrading Process in UET Lahore

University of Engineering and Technology (UET Lahore) has closed admissions in all its campuses and all the seats are filled now. First of all, we at Universal Testing Forum, Congratulates to those who have got admission in this prestigious and the oldest Engineering institute in the country. This blog is for those who think that they are satisfied with the field they’re admitted in. Don’t worry, UET is giving you an opportunity to change your department (but there are some limitations – obviously).

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As I said, there are some rules in the downgrading process, so here I will explain all of them one by one.


  1. Candidate must have got admission in the university in the 2017 intake.
  2. The aggregate of the candidate must be higher than the last merit of his/her desired field in the 4th list. (You can find the last merits of any field by Checking the 4th Merit list of UET Lahore 
  3. You can only choose only 2 desired Engineering/Non-Engineering fields.



  1. The whole procedure is online.
  2. Go to UET’s Online Admission portal choose 2 fields you want to shift to.
  3. The downgrading chance would be provided from 26th Oct 2017 to 29th Oct 2017



These tips are basically some suggestions from the seniors/alumni of the university. You should follow them but its up to you totally in the end, which way you choose.

Follow your Interest:

If you are passionate about any field then do not leave it no matter in which campus you are. All the theories fail when you have a passion for a field of sciences and you’re always on the TOP no matter how much saturation is in that field.

Main Campus is the Best Campus:

If you are kinda confused about the fields and scope thing, Try to drag towards the main campus. I’ve listened students telling, “PID from the main campus is better than Mechanical from Rechna” – here we don’t want to disgrace any group of people but yes, the main campus has its own perks that can never be matched with any other campus. The basic point is, when you’ll shift to the main from any sub-campus you’ll have to sacrifice your field and would have to get shifted into a lower field in the main campus. Don’t worry, everyone gets the job in the end and everyone wants to have that “University life” right?

Dull Fields:

All the higher fields except Civil Engineering are not that much job securing fields how normal people think. The problem is “Saturation”. Almost every university offer electrical engineering that is why, every year there are thousands of graduates from such higher fields who are searching for jobs and then there is a competition (If you have a reference, this is not for you). Yes, UET’s tag on the degree matters a lot but in the end, others are also certified by the PEC. Try to choose the fields that have low saturation in the country.

Best fields:

Here I’ve listed down some Engineering and non-engineering fields that you must consider. Remembering, In this list, Numbering Matters!

  1. BSc. Civil Engineering
  2. BS. computer sciences
  3. City and Regional Planning
  4. BSc. Environmental Engineering
  5. Transportation Engineering
  6. Polymer Engineering
  7. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  8. BSc. Architectural Engineering

and the list goes on. Don’t feel ashamed to get to the lower field, just do it and thank me after 2-3 years.

The universal testing forum is always here to help/guide you guys. In case of any query, just leave us a message at our official Facebook page and we’ll be glad to answer you in the shortest possible time.

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  1. Aoa..I got admission in civil engineering in UET Lahore.
    But as a girl , people arround me suggest that electrical engineering is better than civil for girls.So, I have decided to downgrade from civil to electrical.Is my decision right ? Plz can anyone suggest me?

  2. Sir i have got admission to uet lahore in civil Alhamdulillah….and i am thinking of degrading to mechanical..is my decision right?

  3. Sir I got admission in uet NWL in mechanical engineering and I am thinking of degrading to Automotive in lhr.Is my decision is right?

  4. Most respectfully sir ; I Am admitted in city and reginal palning in Lahore main campuse uet.although my name is appeared in electrical engineering in fsd campuse uet.best is one for mine due to creer scope.is my decision is right for electrical engineering in fsd uet campuse .I am waiting for you reply

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