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Disappointed After Your Results,Read This Till End

Disappointed After Your Results,Read This Till End

How To Tackle Disappointment if you are feeling down !!!

Everyone get disappoint when He/She couldn’t get for what he/she is struggling for, Disappointment can take you down to such level where you can’t even Think how to tackle it and how to get rid off,  In simple words disappointment will break you down as much that you will feel that you can’t search the other way. Here’s for all of you , Read this Full !

To Those people Who are disappointed after MCAT & ECAT. ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM ECATians AND MCATians.

You all know about your results and marks, You people have idea weather you will get admission in your desirable field or not. Many of my friends classmates and other people asking me the same question.Let me say something ,Many of you I mean#majority is disappointed of what they get. Hmm now kia kerna chaheye? Should be die? Go for attempt of sucide? Or should you cry a lot ? Ok than ! Kya ho ga ? Admission ho gaya? Nahi na its alright !

Look on the phrase:

“Aye Ibn-e-Adam aik teri chahat hai,aik mere chahat hai, ho ga wohe jo mere chahat h,agr tu razi ho gya us main jo mere chahat hai tou main tujh ko wo bhi dy doon ga jo tere chahat hai Agar tu ney nafarmani ki uski jo mere chahat hai tou main thaka doun ga tujhy us main jo tere chahat hai our phir hoga wohi jo mere chahat hai ” ~Hadees-e-qudsi.

Disappointed after MCAT/ECAT Result,Read This , How to Tackle Disappointment

And we all know that “Everything has been written already in the sky ” In Quran ALLAH says : “Tum main sy ksi ki zara baraber mehnat bhi raega nahi jaye ge ” And one thing more I will narrate before starting my point : “Mayoss tou wo ho jis ka Rub nahi “ab admission nhe ho raha Ok! Hum log apney RUB ki zaat per bharossa nhi kr rahy,key Allah ney (nauzubILLAH )unsure emotion acha nhi kiya,ya zyadti ho gae hai etc etc tongue emotion But stop ! think for a moment !Who you are? Why want you be the Doctor or Engineer? Want to serve public? Want to earn money? Want to get a respectable place in society ?? Want to get a job ? Want to make your parents happy ? A lot of question. I,ll answer each question I have narrated above, If you want to serve public than do remember that “Lagan suchy dil sy ho tou Insaan hasil ker leta hai ” you can serve people in any way !

Top 30 Fields for Pre-Medical Students after not getting selected for MBBS

Its not necessary to have MBBS or Engineering Degree or anything ! It just need a wish from the heart U know what i m doing. “serving you people ” right now, without money without degree. Now, next quest want to earn money ? And job? Remember ,

“Tumhary naseeb ka rizq tumhain mil ker rahy ga koe nhi cheen sakta” wo ab jis marzi field me jaen ap ko mil kr rhy ga “jo apka hai apka he hai ”

Now want to be a respectable member of society? Fine ! Don’t u thing you can achieve this level by just respecting others? Or it need a degree? Let me tell you one thing ” I’ve seen many educated persons that are not respectable at all! Want to make your parents happy ? Remember! It is the second most easiest thing! because if you are not happy than your parents are too! And one last thing to mention! Want to be a Doctor or Engineer because you are found of studies! Remember ,there are a lot of examples of such persons who don’t have degrees but they have noble prizes EienStien (one of example) you have to decide what is important for you ? M.B.B.S or Eng. degree or what has Allah planed for you? Everything is perfect ! Believe me .Everything! Just have faith in Allah

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  1. Mai apni MCAT ki prep kr rhi thi 3 months sy n i was very sure that Mera adm hojaey BDS Mai but jb mera 2nd year ka result Aya to I was shocked my one paper was unclear n my percentage was 61 phr Mai ny ek sir sy bt ki he said k ap test Mai appear nh ho skti q k NTS k lye paper clear hona necessary h ab Mai bht disheart hn n I m very confused k what should I do now I don’t want to waste my time plz guide me Mai Cha rhi hn k Mai medical ki hi kisi field Mai Jaon aur studies continue rkho aur sth sth next year Mai apna ye paper Dy dungi plz help me..

  2. Agr aik student mdcat na de to kya wo in fields mei ja skta hai ya mdcat lazmi hai medical ki ksi b field k liye

  3. Mai ny abhi matric k exam diye hai aur mery matric Mai kamm marks ty ab agye samj nhi aarhi k fsc Mai konsy subjects rakhu means konsa field chose karu answer me and help me k agye kiya karu

    • Don’t worry sister just clear your supply and with this repeat the subjects in which your Mark’s is not good and then In Sha Allah u will able to get admission in any medical just choose right path , believe on Allah Pak in every situation and the last but not least carry on your struggle, never disappoint bcz ALLAH Pak selects the best never forget , stay blessed ,

  4. Who person writes this column he is really best person and Jazak Allah for guiding in this way really such a morally important column for every person , may Allah Pak bless u with every happiness and success

  5. Ma Sha Allah…bhttt achii bateein likhi hn apnee… Allah apko khush rkhyn Ameen

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