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FMDC Past Paper of 2012 Download PDF

FMDC Past Paper of 2012 Download PDF

The Federal Government, Ministry of National Health Services , regulations and Coordination,  Islamabad Will organize the Entrance Test Through the National Testing Service (NTS) as per Pakistan Medical and Dental Colleges (PMDC) Regulations for Admissions in Public, Private Medical and Dental Colleges of Islamabad.  This is for the First time in history, that Ministry of Health Sciences and Federal Government is organizing a Single Test for the Admission in Islamabad Medical and Dental Colleges like Federal Medical and Dental College (FMDC) and here’s the FMDC Past Paper of 2012 for you people to Download and Prepare yourself for the Coming Exam.

FMDC Past Paper of 2012 Download PDF Here:

Here’s the Federal Medical and Dental College Complete Past Paper of 2012 PDF for you people to download: TEAM UTF helping students to achieve more with the Past Papers:

FMDC Past Paper Complete PDF Download
FMDC Past Paper 2012 PDF

Note for FMDC Past Papers:

Past Papers gives a general idea about the appearance and represents the general mindset of the Paper setters,  Past Papers can help you a lot to for the Preparation of the Test. Indirectly Past paper can help you score more. But this is not Confirm that the Paper of this year will come through the Past Papers,  a few portion or a few MCQ’s can be from the Papers Papers.

Syllabus for Federal Medical and Dental College Admission Test 2016:

Federal Medical and Dental College Always focus on the given and Announced Syllabus for their Admission Test:  If you want to score High and want to ace the Admission Test then you must stick to the Syllabus announced by NTS and FMDC, again Repeating Stick to the announced Syllabus for FMDC.

FMDC Announced Syllabus for Entrance Test 2016

Here’s the Detailed and Complete Syllabus of FMDC for you People. FMDC Complete Syllabus 2016


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