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Open Letter to CM Punjab over the Issue of MBBS Seats


(Open Letter to CM Punjab on behalf of Medical Students for the Increase in MBBS Seats)


Dear Shahbaz Sharif
Chief Minister Punjab
Punjab is a large province bustling with life, bursting with the human energy of over 10 crore throbbing hearts. As a Chief Minister of Punjab you are a busy person and it’s unusual for you to read every email so that I am writing you an open letter.
About three to four Months ago there was an announcement from Punjab Government that this year they are going to Increase MBBS seats in Public Medical Colleges of Punjab but unfortunately the Medical Colleges are not increasing the seats and making the excuse of ‘LESS BUDGET’ for the education sector.
Mr. Shahbaz, let me show you some stats from your own Province. There are only 3300 seats for MBBS in whole Punjab for more than 50,000 applicants. This is not less than a nightmare for an average mind person who can think and evaluate things himself. Can you even imagine that a student who worked hard for the 4 years and still he/she couldn’t get admission in MBBS due to your wrong policies OR just from the difference of 0.005% marks? This is just due to the limited number of MBBS seats.
One more thing, if you can allot a huge budget to METRO and ORANGE LINE TRAIN then you can also allot budget to Education Sector of your province because:

A METRO won’t treat an asthma patient but a Doctor will.

The situation of Health Sector is getting worse day by day in Public Hospitals of Punjab, Every day we see Young doctors and Nurses protesting against the policies of Punjab government.
Khadim-E-Ala sir you are also a cancer patient and you can realize how much a patient feels when there is no doctor to attend him/her in a serious condition, realizing the seriousness of this matter please take some immediate steps in this regard as it is the matter of lives for the thousands of students and their parents. [Take Leadership for change] Thanks
Muhammad Ali Raza

Email: alirazaee1@gmail.com


 Click here to download the PDF File of Open Letter to CM Punjab

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Muhammad ALi Raza is Pakistani Electrical Engineer , Social Media Activist, Blogger, Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur and Business Planner.

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  1. U did a great job sir.

  2. Is letter Kay Kay effect how ga

  3. (Y) well done !!

  4. I dont thing so.social media letter and handmade ya official letter main farq hai.

  5. Zulm kI inteha hai. 88.6% wtf. If number of candidates have been increased as compared to last years, seats should also b increased to accommodate students. 87%or88% without effort achieve Ni hotay. Or na hi Koi Bacho ka khail itnay marks axheive karna. So plzzz increase the seats for all the deserving students in between 87 to 88.6%

  6. The seats must be increased sir! , otherwise many students full of brilliant capabilities will be left thinking they are nothing or that they were not eligible to be a doctor.

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