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Scope of Doctor of Physiotherapy in Pakistan

Scope of Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) in Pakistan

In the modern, technological era, besides MBBS and BDS, there are also many fields having degree, honor of “DOCTOR” like Pharm-D (D-Pharmacy), DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medical) and DPT (Dr. of Physiotherapy) .

I would like to highlight some important points about DPT that most of the students confuse about:

Q. What is physiotherapy (DPT)?

Physiotherapy is a health care profession which provides services to individuals/population to develop, maintain and restore maximum moments that include movements and function threatened by age, disease, injury and paralysis.

Scope of Doctor of Physiotherapy in Pakistan
Dr. of Physiotherapy

“Physiotherapy (DPT) is 5 years program neither diploma nor certificate degree.”

Scope of practice for Doctor of Physiotherapy in Pakistan:

1. Practitioner of choice.

2. No supervision needed, even in USA 33 states allow direct access and very soon in England limited prescription rights will be given to them.

3. A significant change in the scope of practice from dependent to independent practice.

4. With the new curriculum physiotherapists are capable to assess, diagnose and treat patients independently and people trust them that they are competent professionals.

5. Private independent practice has been improved significance in the field of Physiotherapy (DPT).


DPT (5 years) +1 year house job, approved curriculum from Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and uniformed curriculum throughout the country, equivalency of 17 years of schooling (Like Pharm-D (D-Pharmacy), DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medical) and MBBS also recognized as professional education in the GOVT. as well as in private sectors.

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Specialized Physical Therapy can be done in many areas including:

  1. OMPT

  2. Sports physical therapy

  3. Neuro therapy

  4. Cardiovascular therapy

  5. Respiratory therapy

  6. Speech therapy

  7. Postural therapy

Scope of Doctor of Physiotherapy in Pakistan

Some of the academic Title Awarded to the Dr. of Physiotherapy are:

  1. Lecturer

  2. Associate professor (A.P)

  3. Administrative jobs

  4. Assistant director

  5. Deputy director and So On in the field of Education and Consultancy.

Scope of Doctor of Physiotherapy in Pakistan
DPT Classrooms

Admission Dates for DPT:

In all universities and medical colleges the admissions in DPT start after at least 4 weeks of Medica; College Admission Test (MCAT).

Institutes offering Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT):

This is a fundamental question for students which institute is offering their desire degree program. here’s the complete list of Institutes who are offering Doctor of Physiotherapy:

  1. School of Physiotherapy King Edward Medical University (k.e.m.u) Lahore.
  2. Allama Iqbal Medical college Lahore.
  3. Mars university Lahore.
  4. G.C university Faisalabad.
  5. University of Faisalabad.
  6. Women institute of medical technology Abbot abad
  7. Qua id-e-azam medical college Bahawalpur.
  8. ISRA college of rehabilitation sciences ICRS Hyderabad.
  9.  Beach-wood college of physiotherapy Hyderabad.
  10. Rifah institute of physical therapy Islamabad
  11. Rawalpindi medical college Rawalpindi.
  12. Armed forces post graduate medical college institute Rawalpindi.
  13. Dow university of health sciences Karachi.
  14. Jinnah post graduate medical center Karachi.
  15. School of physiotherapy liquate national hospital Karachi.
  16. Zaiddin university of Karachi.
  17. Fatima memorial institute of allied health sciences Lahore.
  18. LMDC school of physiotherapy Lahore.


“physiotherapists do all the jobs (examine, prescription, exercise) except surgery.”

Often students ask DPT students are really doctors ?


Physiotherapists surely & obviously are doctors, in fact, any person who holds doctorate degree in any subject is called a doctor, not only by holding MBBS degree one becomes a Doctor. MBBS students are medical doctors & DPT students are Physiotherapy Doctors.

Scope of Doctor of Physiotherapy in Pakistan
DPT as a Doctors

Here’s the complete guidance for all of you regarding the Scope of Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) in Pakistan. and the Answers of frequently asked question by the students who are interested in becoming the Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) in future.

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  9. Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Almas Sabir

    Doctor Of Physiotherapy is a emerging Field…
    Theoretical knowledge, Clinical Skills and Hands on Practices is very important…
    Avoid Admission in affiliated colleges try to get admission in main campuses….. First confirm is there any proper Hospital is attached for clinical rotation or the offered the paid House Job as per rules of HEC…. Don’t waste your money just getting the title of Dr.
    I’m Also Doctor of Physiotherapist…..for more details contact: 03326615336

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