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The Unstable Education Department of Balochistan

The Unstable Education Department of Balochistan

Literacy rate of Balochistan is considered as the most critical issue for the Education Department Balochistan. Almost 1.8 million Balochi students are left out of school. There is alarming situation for the government of Pakistan that they have failed the education in Balochistan, which brings us to the low literacy rates along with the high drop out rate. It has been observed that the 60 % of students leave school by the primary and middle level of schooling and 45 % of students quit the school before completing the matriculation.

The Unstable Education Department of Balochistan
A school with no Class room, students and teacher in outskirts of Quetta, Pakistan.

Education Department Balochistan is highly concerned about the increasing drop out rate of students. Education standard is questioned in this region of Pakistan. According to the facts and figures it is seen that the 5000 government primary schools contains single room and have only one teacher. Furthermore the conditions of the schools are highly miserable because school buildings are not good enough and do not have the basic facilities available. Students do not have clean drinking water, proper buildings, clean toilets and good class rooms.

Undergraduate HEC Scholarships for the Students of Balochistan and FATA

Education Department Balochistan Says:

 “That there are more than 13000 government primary and high school present in Balochistan right now but there are also many ghost schools and teacher whose existence is yet questioned. These ghost schools and the ghost teachers are one of the biggest hurdles in the development of high standard education in Balochistan”.

The Unstable Education Department of Balochistan - Ghosts Schools in Balochistan and Pakistan
Ghosts Schools in Balochistan

Government have taken certain steps and one of them is establishing the literacy centers. It is analyzed that these literacy centers will involve around more than 4000 students in different areas of Balochistan. These literacy centers will be established in Sibi, Bolan, Ziarat, Zhob and in other different areas of Balochistan. According to the organization named American Refugee Center, near about 1000 literacy centers are going to be established. These centers will make sure that they try to involve all the children in Balochistan who are out schools and are not getting education, This is a Positive step by Education Department balochistan and Balochistan Government..

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