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Universal Testing Forum Privacy Policy:


Universal Testing Forum is an emerging startup in the Testing Service industry. UTF aims to provide the best, Secure and user friendly environment for the candidates who take participate in our Online Testing System or at the Physical Test Centers, either for the Educational Test or for the Job Test.
UTF fully claims all the candidates Personal and Professional Information as an classified information and does not share with anyone else ( Not any Third Part).

Universal Testing Forum completely agrees that your Personal , Professional and Educational Information is completely Yours and no one has the right to disclose it to others.

Classified Information:
UTF divide the whole of your information in to three categories depending upon your Personal , Professional and Educational. What type of data these three categories consists and can be defined as follows:

1. Personal Information:

Fathers Name
Phone No.

2. Educational Information:

Educational Institutes
Your marks percentages

3. Professional Information:

Current working status
Work Place / Industry / Office
Past Job Experience

UTF Claims all the above three categories and their information to be classified and doesn’t share with anyone unless in some special case.